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Undergraduate Tuition/Incidental Fees

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016 04:27PM EDT

 Undergraduate Tuition Fees:

Tuition is charged based on your current enrolment, NOT as a flat rate. As you add and drop courses your tuition will adjust on LORIS based on your course weight. Invoices will reflect the charges on your account as of the date of the invoice.  When e-bills are generated if you are only in 3 courses, you will only be charged for those 3 course. Any classes added after this will be reflected on your next invoice, after the current invoice due date.

Undergraduate Incidental Fees:

Compulsory incidental fees are charged on all half-credit course registration - including online and distance education.  For every half-credit course a student enrols in, they will be charged the incidental fees the same number of times up to a maximum if not otherwise stated (E.g. Three half-credit courses = 3x incidental fees, etc.).

A comprehensive description of all incidental fees can be found on the Students' Union website:‚Äč  

Some incidental fees and some program related fees are optional.  Students have the opportunity to'opt-out' of these applicable fees by the appropriate deadline date specified.  Please note, students are responsible to ensure that, if choosing to do so, the opt-out forms are completed and submitted on time and opt-outs will need to be completed each term that the fee is charged.  For more information on eligible opt-out fees, please click here.

For information on tuition and incidental fees for Graduate students, click here.

Other Invoiced fees:
Residence Fees:

Parking Permits:

Due Dates for fees:
For a listing of fee due dates, click here.  Additional fee due dates will be set throughout the term and will be listed on future invoices.  It is the student's responsibility to check their MyLaurier email and LORIS and to be aware when new invoices are issued. 

It is very important to make sure that all accounts are paid in full before fee due dates to avoid late payment charges and possible de-registration of future terms.  Late payment fees are placed on all accounts the day following the due date.

Starting Fall 2014, students will receive an electronic invoice each term posted to their LORIS account.  An email notification of invoices will also be sent to the student's MyLaurier email.  It is the student's responsibility to check their
LORIS account to view the amount of fees owing. Paper invoices are no longer mailed out.  

Students can check their current account balance at any time on LORIS (under Student Services > Student Records > Account Summary by Term).

Access to view account balances and invoices can be provided to parents and guardians by students through Proxy Access on LORIS. 

Cost of textbooks:
Costs of textbooks can be determined per term by entering your student ID and password on the Bookstore’s textbook search site.  Please note that all required textbooks may not be listed on this site, and course syllabuses better outline the required materials. These fees will NOT appear on the electronic invoice or on a student's account summary.

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